Meaning: tr
fetih, yenme
Before the conquest by the Arabians, the majority of the Persians were Zoroastrians, but there were also Jews and Christians. So, who could imagine today that Iranians have Jewish or Christian ancestors?
Polite society frowned on Fadil's female conquests.
Caesar, a Trojan ā€“ Julius his name, / drawn from the great Iulus ā€“, shall arise, / and compass earth with conquest, heaven with fame."
They extended their territory by conquest.
The conquest of Constantinople marks the end of the Middle Ages.
The Normans' conquest of England had a great effect on the English language.
Switzerland makes its conquest even easier for us, thanks to the best conditions for electric bicycles.
We should try to make the conquest of peace.
Tom talked about his latest conquest.
Tom bragged about his latest conquest.
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