Meaning: tr
yanma, tutuşma
Oxygen is necessary for combustion.
In a rocket engine, fuel and a source of oxygen, called an oxidizer, are mixed and exploded in a combustion chamber. The combustion produces hot exhaust which is passed through a nozzle to accelerate the flow and produce thrust.
For the forty years following the first flight of the Wright brothers, airplanes used internal combustion engines to turn propellers to generate thrust.
If the demise of the combustion engine is near, Algeria shouldn't become a dump for European used cars.
It was a spacious harbour, sheltered deep / from access of the winds, but looming vast / with awful ravage, AEtna's neighbouring steep / thundered aloud, and, dark with clouds, upcast / smoke and red cinders in a whirlwind's blast. / Live balls of flame, with showers of sparks, upflew / and licked the stars, and in combustion massed, / torn rocks, her ragged entrails, molten new, / the rumbling mount belched forth from out the boiling stew.
Oxygen is needed for combustion.
Combustion liberates heat.
Carbon monoxide is a poisonous substance formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon compounds.
People say that if you're angry enough, you'll achieve spontaneous combustion.
In a liquid rocket, the propellants, the fuel and the oxidizer, are stored separately as liquids and are pumped into the combustion chamber of the nozzle where burning occurs.
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