Meaning: tr
yapışmak, tutunmak
What, then, is this? Distrust. Guard this, cling to this.
Tom is too clingy.
Lo, Panthus, flying from the Grecian bands, / Panthus, the son of Othrys, Phoebus' seer, / bearing the sacred vessels in his hands, / and vanquished home-gods, to the door draws near, / his grandchild clinging to his side in fear.
You have to stop clinging to Tom.
That child was clinging to his mother.
People cling on to life more than anything - a funny idea, given all the beautiful things that exist in the world.
Controlling men have no true sense of worth. Anger is their outlet. Manipulation is their tool. They cling to what they can not control, what they can not and should not have.
Tom is still clinging to the hope that his dog would be found alive.
Why are you so clingy?
Close cling their ladders to the walls; these, fain / to clutch the doorposts, climb from floor to floor, / their right hands strive the battlements to gain, / their left with lifted shield the arrowy storm sustain.
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