Meaning: tr
sarılmak; toka
The mother clasped her baby to her breast.
To clasp in friendship the hand of the enemy of his house, to entertain him under his roof, to exchange with him the courtesies and the kindness of domestic familiarity, was a degradation which his proud spirit could not be bent to without a struggle.
It was clear, however, that Straker had defended himself vigorously against his assailants, for in his right hand he held a small knife, which was clotted with blood up to the handle, while in his left he clasped a red and black silk cravat.
Ah, mother mine!" he chides her, as she flies, / "art thou, then, also cruel? Wherefore cheat / thy son so oft with images and lies? / Why may I not clasp hands, and talk without disguise?"
I see another but a tinier Troy, / a seeming Pergama recalls the great. / A dried-up Xanthus I salute with joy, / and clasp the portals of a Scaean gate.
“It is my mother—it is my mother!” said Lucy, turning as pale as ashes, and clasping her hands together as she looked at Ravenswood.
The boy clasped the puppy to his chest.
Dorothea sat down on the seat nearest to her, a long low ottoman in the middle of the room, and with her hands folded over each other on her lap, looked at the drear outer world. Will stood still an instant looking at her, then seated himself beside her, and laid his hand on hers, which turned itself upward to be clasped.
This clasp won't fasten.
She sighed and clasped her hands tightly together.
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