Meaning: tr
telaş etmek, koşuşturmak
When she came back she had hundreds of things to tell them, but the most delightful of all, she said, was to lie in the moonlight, on a sandbank in a calm sea, and to gaze at the large town close to the shore, where the lights twinkled like hundreds of stars; to listen to music and the noise and bustle of carriages and people, to see the many church towers and spires, and to hear the bells ringing.
Bustle up, you boys!
Students bustled about all through the night.
Easter Monday is an official holiday in France, on which people can rest after all the hustle and bustle of Easter.
The waitress bustled about serving the customers.
When, later in the evening she stood at the open window and looked up through the dark blue water, she thought of the big town with all its noise and bustle, and fancied that she could even hear the church bells ringing.
I miss the hustle and bustle of city life.
Even though Tom was brought up in the country, he loves the hustle and bustle of the city.
Amazed, AEneas viewed / tall structures rise, where whilom huts were found, / the streets, the gates, the bustle and the sound.
Living in the noise and bustle of a large city, we sometimes feel like going into the country.
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