Meaning: tr
çekicilik, cazibe; baştan çıkarmak
The dress allured her into the store.
Layla wasn't conventionally beautiful, but she possessed a certain kind of intense sexual allure.
Her wealth finally allured him into matrimony.
I will never understand the allure of wealth.
The big cities are full of allurements.
There is an allure and excitement to the power of an old-fashioned steam train.
Him with speeches fair / and sweet allurements doth the queen detain; / but Juno's hospitality I fear; / scarce at an hour like this will she her hand forbear."
He gave himself up to her allure.
I broke my pipes because, although they brought my herds to me, they could not allure Amaryllis: for there is no remedy for the passion, no beverage, no charm, no song, no words that can ease the lover; nothing is of any avail save kisses and the closest embraces.
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