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Learning English and improving speaking skill through conversation with a native English speaker.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you've been waiting for.
Out of Order English Podcast has just started. Welcome!

In this very first episode of "Out of Order English Podcast", 3 people having a conversation. While Ben (host) and Savira (guest) are trying to improve their English speaking ability, Steve (host), a native English speaker from England, assisting them and fixing their mistakes.



Steve UK, Savira, Esra, Felix, Yousef, Taha


  • The illustration used in video and as podcast cover is taken from icon8.com

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  • Kevin_MacLeod - Impact_Moderato
  • Josh_Woodward - Pompeii_No_Vocals

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  • tobias_weber_-_3_Acoustic_Guitars_(Instrumental)
  • tobias_weber_-_Prelude_For_Classical_Guitar_(Instrumental)
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Always found Steve helpful on free4talk. Keep it up sir!
Sharjeel 2023-11-18 17:06:57
great job guys!
Yasin 2023-06-06 12:51:52
I am As ES from talk 4 free
2022-12-11 14:29:22
Ep#4: Wooooow @ben Thats outstanding I cant believe this one its that amazing and your podcast become more and more beneficial and amazing and everything ❤️... thank you sooo much guys
amanda 2022-06-26 09:54:59
Ben!!! You know what? The 4th episode of Out of Order English Podcast triggered me to recite the same poem 😂 Then it escalated to just make me found myself singing a solid whole album of one of my fav singer Thank you for putting up with the podcast (s) I enjoyed them so much.
amy 2022-06-25 03:15:23
wow Ben uve got nice editing skill man
j 2022-04-26 17:12:27
Ep3: btw singing part is my favorite Ben (:(:
rly 2022-04-24 13:00:21
Ive shared it with all of my online friends, It is very informative and entertaining.
Sam 2022-03-22 03:59:05
Good job! that much help
Y 2022-03-19 05:43:40
The voice sounds very good Wow really impressive. I mean the talk goes smoothly, well-arranged i think i look forward to your podcasts in the future. Thanks a lot and have a great day
t. a. 2022-03-19 05:14:31
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