Information About Gifts

Notes about Gifts

  • The more you learn and play games the more chance you grab gifts!
  • Gifts currently available for the following games: Quiz, Word Matching, Listen Words, Listen & Write, Fill in the Blank
  • After collecting many gifts, users can convert their gifts to money and receive it as LTC (Litecoin)
  • Conversation rate (from gifts to money or LTC) varies from time to time.
  • The minumum amount to withdraw is 3$ (currently).
  • The rules can be changed without prior notification.
  • The gift balance of the users who didn't login to the system in the last 6 months will be reset.

Gift Level Program

As of 2020/06/02 a new Gift Level Program activated. The program will continue till 2020/07/31.

According to the Gift Level Program, users can earn the diamond gift (the biggest available gift in the system), according to their level as follow:

Level Min. Tries
0 500
1 450
2 400
3 350
4 300
5 250
6 225
7 200
8 175
9 150
10 100

User's gifts level calculated by checking the gifts in last 10 days. If the user earned one or more gifts in a day, that day will count as +1.

So, user's can increase their level by earning any gift everyday.
For example, if a user earns one or more of any gifts for everyday for the last 10 days, he/she will be in Level 10.

  • Users can see their gift level at "My Stats" page.
  • The program can be changed without any prior notification.
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