Information About Gifts

Notes about Gifts

  1. The more you learn and play games the more chance you grab gifts!
  2. Gifts currently available for the following games: Quiz, Word Matching, Listen Words, Listen & Write, Fill in the Blank, Election (Multiplayer), Subcuts
  3. After collecting many gifts, users can convert their gifts to money and receive it as LTC (Litecoin)
  4. Conversation rate (from gifts to money or LTC) varies from time to time.
  5. The minumum amount to withdraw is 3$ (currently).
  6. The rules can be changed without any prior notification.
  7. The gift balance of the users who didn't login to the system in the last 6 months will be reset.
  8. If any cheating to earn gifts detected, all the gifts will be removed from the relevant account.

Gift Level Program

As of 2020/06/02 a new Gift Level Program activated. The following program will continue till 2022/01/31.

According to the Gift Level Program, users can earn gifts as follows: 

Try range: 0-149


Try range: 150-499


The biggest gift's try range may vary by the user's gift level as follow:

Level   Min. Tries
0   500
1   475
2   450
3   425
4   400
5   375
6   350
7   325
8   300
9   250
10   200


User's gifts level calculated by checking the gifts in last 10 days. If the user earned one or more gifts in a day, that day will count as +1.

So, user's can increase their level by earning any gift everyday.
For example, if a user earns one or more of any gifts for everyday for the last 10 days, he/she will be in Level 10.

  • Users can see their gift level at "My Stats" page.
  • The program can be changed without any prior notification.
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