Extraordinary English Podcast

Extraordinary English Podcast - Episode #1: Quiz

Learning English in musical, theatrical, fun and funny way.
In this very first episode, we'll start to talk with Sara, from Egypt.


This is Extraordinary English Podcast, Episode #1, Welcome everyone. I am Ben.
In this very first episode, we'll start to talk with Sara, from Egypt. We are both English learners.


BEN: (In French) Bonjour Sara! (In Arabic) Sabah al khair! Ehlen beeky!
SARA: Sorry?! What did you say?
BEN: You said you could speak French & Arabic. (melodic)
SARA: Of course! But isn't this an English podcast?
BEN: (hesitates). Yes, but it's an extraordinary one! :)
SARA: Sure it is. Beyond doubt!
BEN: Sara, have you thought about what we discussed? What do you think about the concept of Extraordinary English Podcast?
SARA: I think listeners will like it but some people will find it peculiar.
BEN: What do you mean? Will people make fun of me? (melodic)
SARA: Don't get upset, please. I didn't mean that. What I meant is that...
BEN: (interrupts Sara) You don't need to tell me all the ins and outs. I understood almost everything (melodic)
SARA: Calm down! You are just making a case out of nothing! Don't interrupt me and hear me out!
BEN: I am all ears!
SARA: Why don't you create a quiz about every episode and ask the listeners to participate?
BEN: Wow! That would be great!
SARA: By doing so, listeners can interact and check themselves.
BEN: I'll definitely do it!
SARA: How many listeners do you think will try the quiz before you publish the second episode?
BEN: Your guess is as good as mine! We'll wait and see.
SARA: Please get your hopes up!
BEN: Thank you so much Sara! I'll think about it. We can continue to discuss this matter later. Now, there is someone else waiting to talk with me.
SARA: OK. See you.


ALEX: Hello Ben! I am expecting you to talk with me for ages.
BEN: Hello Alex. Yes you should wait your turn.
ALEX: You are talking with Sara too much. Who is she?
BEN: She is a good friend of mine... (melodic)
ALEX: Good for you. I want to ask you another question...
BEN: Go on Alex
ALEX: Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?
BEN: Sorry! No, I can't can a can as a canner can can a can. Is there any other question?
ALEX: Do you think people will find this podcast useful and get benefit from it?
BEN: We can do what we can. But as you already know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
ALEX: Hmm. You are right. I have one more question for you.
BEN: Keep it for next time Alex. The time is over for this episode.


  • beyond doubt: too obvious to be doubted
  • ins and outs: the details or facts relating to something
  • make something out of nothing: to make an issue of something of little importance.
  • all ears: Ready and eager to hear what one has to say; prepared to listen intently.
  • your guess is as good as mine: something you say when you do not know the answer to a question
  • you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink: you can give someone an opportunity but not force them to take it.
  • hear out: To listen to someone without interrupting: Hear me out, I have something important to say.


Thanks to Sara (from Egypt) for all of her efforts and contributions for creating this episode of Extraordinary English Podcast.

Music Tracks

  • Plain Loafer by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Attribution 3.0 International License.
  • It's Your Birthday! (Instrumental Version) by Monk Turner + Fascinoma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
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are you there?
Ben Chorumlu 2021-05-06 21:00:44
oh thats so nice both of you are amazing
Ami 2021-01-27 02:22:34
amazing ! a really beneficial podcast
hi 2020-05-07 00:01:58
It was a really impressive podcast
menna 2020-02-02 22:58:56
I already liked the idea!
2019-09-13 22:29:42
Thank you so much kilwa for such a nice feedback :)
m1gin 2019-07-12 00:08:59
I liked it and waiting for the next episode Well done Ben and Sarah. Wishing you all the best :)
kilwa 2019-07-11 20:08:05
Thank you Entesar. :) By the way, you can get notification when we publish the next episode of Extraordinary English Podcast by subscribing to our Youtube channel. :)
m1gin 2019-07-11 17:14:32
Good Job guys :) you guys are really funny waiting for more
Entesar 2019-07-11 15:14:34
absolutely awesome
sameh 2019-07-09 13:15:37
Great job guys! Dialogues of real-life situations would be amazing and beneficial Im waiting for the next episode. Keep it up!
Amr Halabi 2019-07-07 12:57:28
Hello behnandoganay. You had gotten 100 points from the quiz! Congratulations! :)
m1gin 2019-07-05 13:13:07
Thank you very much behnandoganay. :) You can also try the quiz if you want. _)
m1gin 2019-07-01 10:53:57
I liked it and waiting for the next episode :)
behnandoganay 2019-07-01 10:06:41
thank you so much Amina. please stay tuned for the next episode. 😎
m1gin 2019-06-30 18:39:09
Well done Ben and Sarah. Wishing you all the best
Amina 2019-06-30 16:17:38
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