Meaning [tr]:
erkek geyik
The ownership of women begins in the lower barbarian stages of culture, apparently with the seizure of female captives. The original reason for the seizure and appropriation of women seems to have been their usefulness as trophies.
The names are in the order of the actors' appearance on the stage.
Jane saw the students acting well on the stage.
Readers formulate expectations as to what might be happening at subsequent stages of texts.
The next stage was to enter a good arts school.
On December 22, 1960, soviet scientists attempted to launch Damka (""Little Lady"") and Krasavka (""Beauty"") on a Korabl Sputnik. However, the upper rocket stage failed and the launch was aborted. The dogs were safely recovered after their unplanned suborbital flight.
Tom came out on the stage and started playing his guitar.
When the singer appeared on stage, the audience gave him the Bronx cheer, because he dumped his wife for another woman.
Tom staggered into the room, carrying a bottle of beer.
His nerve staggered me.
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