Meaning [tr]:
pul, tanecik, ince parça; topaklanmak
He can finish ten boxes of corn flakes in one sitting.
Snow fell in large flakes.
Here, snow falls in large flakes.
It's a flake covered in chocolate!
Let's take precautions against heat fatigue, before we flake out from the heat, and have a healthy summer.
One winter's day, when it snowed, he brought out a burning-glass, then he held out the tail of his blue coat, and let the snow-flakes fall upon it. ""Look in this glass, Gerda,"" said he; and she saw how every flake of snow was magnified, and looked like a beautiful flower or a glittering star.
After a while, corn flakes in milk will become soggy.
If you sift through barrels of dirt, you may eventually find a flake of gold.
In the long run oat flakes with advocaat for breakfast will knock everybody's socks off.
A few flakes of snow were falling, and one of them, rather larger than the rest, alighted on the edge of one of the flower boxes.
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